There tends to be a bit of confusion around this, but it’s really quite simple once you have the correct information.

Appco Group Asia sits in the middle and, on one side, directly manages relationships with its clients. On the other side, Appco also contracts independent marketing offices to provide the self-employed field representatives who represent Appco’s clients on face-to-face sales and fundraising campaigns.

Take a look at our diagram below for a simple visualisation of our model.

All field representatives have the option to progress to building their own team and eventually owning their own marketing office, with access to the support and experience of the Appco Group Asia network.

Most people become Owners or Owner Partners have never owned or run their own business before.

Appco Group Asia endeavours to support each and every Owner Partner and Owner to be successful. The more successful you are as an Owner Partner/Owner and above the more well trained your Field representatives are, the better results they produce, the better the client does, the greater expansion opportunities for Appco Group Asia. Hence, our philosophy of win-win-win.


Appco Group Asia does not operate under any other names. It is sometimes confused or interchanged with its sister company, the Cobra Group of Companies – of which Appco Group is a subsidiary.

In all markets in which Appco Group operates, we conduct marketing and customer acquisition campaigns on behalf of our clients, using their branding to ensure maximum awareness and understanding of their products, services and worthy causes.