Appco España receives praise for “great professionalism” from Medicos del Mundo

Medicos del Mundo (MDM) has praised Appco Group España and the face-to-face fundraisers in its network for their “professionalism” and “expert knowledge”.

“It has been a very positive year,” said Susana Atienza, Head of Fundraising for MDM. “From the outset, everyone involved has shown great professionalism and demonstrated expert knowledge about the processes and techniques of securing regular-giving donors.”

Thanks to the regular-giving donors secured by fundraisers working with Appco España, MDM can continue to develop more than 50 projects in 20 countries, helping to ensure, among other things, the prevention of AIDS in newborns.

“Appco Group España’s dedication in coaching fundraising teams has been truly valuable for us as, throughout 2014,” added Ms Atienza. “We have been able to respond quickly to emergencies, such as the conflict in Gaza and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, where we’re continuing to work.”

The comments were received as MDM and Appco Group España celebrated their one-year anniversary of working together.

MDM is a non-governmental organisation, which provides access to health care for victims of war and natural disasters.