Appco is “top agent in face-to-face fundraising” says telco client KDDI

KDDI Ltd has praised Appco Group Japan for the dedicated service it has provided over their long-standing relationship.

“Throughout our 14-year relationship, Appco has been performing as our top agent in face-to-face fundraising, dramatically increasing our customer base,” said Atsuto Nakajima, Sales Manager, KDDI Ltd.

“What’s special about Appco, is everyone – from managers to [field sales representatives] – who work with them are always positive and have an enthusiastic energy in everything they do. Appco isn’t just about teaching sales, it’s also about creating meaningful lives for their people.

“We are honoured to work with Appco as a partner and we’d like to thank them for what they have contributed to KDDI over the years. We hope to continue this strong relationship, to keep building on our results for our future together.”

KDDI Ltd is a Japanese telecommunications operator.