Fundraisers make the difference between sight and blindness, says Sightsavers

Fundraisers working with Appco Group Sweden are helping more people to see with every new donor they confirm, said Sightsavers’ Head of Market Development James Huitson.

In a speech at the Appco Group Sweden Rally 2014, James explained the significance of every regular-giving donor acquired by face-to-face fundraisers and the rewarding nature of the job.

“Every time you get a signature on that piece of paper, you’re helping somebody to see – and what a thing to have done [during] your day at work,” said James. “People go through their whole career without doing anything as exciting, [or] anything as important as that.

“At the end of the day, you can go home and you can tell your girlfriend, you can tell your mother, you can talk to your children, and [when] they [ask you], ‘What did you do today?’ you can say, ‘I helped a blind person to see.’ How cool is that? So thank you for the work this year and… thank you for everything.”

Watch James Huitson’s speech.