HRI thanks Appco for $100m in donations

The Heart Research Institute has thanked Appco for helping raise $100m in donations through its face-to-face fundraising programme.

HRI International Fundraising Director Maggie Johns highlighted the impact of Appco Group’s work – acquiring hundreds of thousands of long-term donors for them since 2000 – as a major contributor to the institute’s growth and success.

“Today I need to announce that we have just reached $100,000,000 – yes, one hundred million dollars – in donations,” she said.

“Even more exciting is that we have raised significant funds to support our vital research work. A big thank you to our amazing partners, Appco, our dedicated fundraising team, and of course to our wonderful donors who continue to believe in us.

“This is indeed an exciting milestone.”

HRI held its 25th anniversary celebration late last year in Sydney, which Appco was proud to sponsor. The event raised a further $200,000 for heart research.

Visit the HRI website for more information on their initiatives across the early detection, prevention and treatment of heart disease.